Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleepless Nights??

When you have a new baby one of the most common questions is "How does he/she sleep?" I usually follow this with "Oh, just fine. He's a good baby." I think the biggest reason we have been getting a decent amount of sleep is because hes been sleeping cuddled into me all night. I'll be honest, I love co-sleeping. It feels so nice to have a little baby cuddled into you for the night. When he wakes up to nurse just lay there half asleep and half awake as he nurses, change him if needed and then go back to sleep.

While I love to sleep with my little guy, there are some down sides for me as well. Matt really has a hard time sleeping through the baby noises, which has him sleeping in the basement. As much of a blanket hog as my husband can be I really do miss sleeping with him. You grow accustomed to it, having them there and the bond that goes with that.

Another downside is now Dillan just wants to be held anytime he is sleeping. Which would be fine if I had a house that cleaned up after itself! His wanting to be held while sleeping also takes away from doing anything with Ella, and she needs to have time with me that is just her own too. She loves Dillan and has been really good with him but you can tell that she misses her mommy time. Once he falls asleep shes asking me to put him down, then as soon as I do he wakes up and you can tell this frustrates her.

With a bit of work tonight I have managed to get him to sleep in his room. I'm not sure how long it will last tonight, and I might be really tired tomorrow, but it will get better each time. At about the same point in Ella's life we moved her from our room to her room and it worked well so I'm just going to go with what I know. Hopefully Dillan and I will get some naps in where we can be all cuddled together, they are only so small and wanting to cuddle this way for such a short while, I'll have to make the most of it while I can.

Post written December 26 2010 moved from previous blog

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