Friday, April 29, 2011

Nesting and Cravings

Two things that many men are never REALLY going to understand about pregnant women.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I didn't really experience many cravings. Quite often people would ask me if I had any cravings and really I would tell them that I was just craving food! My body would tell me that I was hungry so I would think of something and eat it. Much like everything else with this pregnancy, the situation with cravings is completely different!

Last weekend I was craving a Wendy's burger (I order a classic with cheese and never anything else if I eat there) I really had to hunt throught the house to find something that my body might find edible. Everything just made me sick. I think this is the part that a lot of men don't understand, that if we don't eat what our bodies want us to eat we might get sick from it- no matter how far into our pregnancy we are!

With this pregnancy I have hit my nesting phase a lot sooner. I feel so paniced about having everything ready for the baby. Trying to express this to Matt just doesn not seem to be getting through to him. Not long ago we moved Ella from the crib to a bed. When we did this we also moved her room to a new room down the hall. So it was not just getting one room ready but two rooms. So far Ella's room is almost done, just putting up pictures on her walls. The baby room is a whole other story. Being that I am 6 months pregnant, I need his help.  There are things to purchase, not a lot but some, and all of the stuff that has been tucked under the stairs to come out and go through and see what I can use. Even if we have a girl all of the clothes I have are for a summer baby. And to top all of that off, that room really needs to be cleaned.

The sense of urgency is really lacking on his part! All I want is to be prepared, that way before the baby comes I can hopefully get a little bit of much needed rest!

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