Friday, April 29, 2011

Gadget Mamma!

This past Saturday I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish out of the house. Matt happened to be really sick so leaving the house was part of my to do list. I don't need to get sick, the kids don't need to get sick (for the first time or again) and he needed rest. My to do list for the day wasn't exactly a huge list of things to do I just knew that it would take some time with a two and a half year old and a new born on my own.

My list was: Go to the mall and have lunch with my mom

Get the kids Santa photos done

Visit a friend who just had a baby three days after Dillan was born

Pick up a few groceries

Before I left the house I had to think about what I would need. For the mall I would need the stroller. I had just purchased a Baby Trend Sit n Stand stroller that needed to be put together still so before leaving I had Matt assemble it for me, his only required task for the day. Then raised my biggest question, how would I get groceries? Normally I would just put Ella in the seat on the cart and get the groceries, but now what would I do with Dillan? There is no way that Ella could walk and not get into trouble so that I could put the carseat on the cart, she would have to sit in the cart. I could put the carseat in the back of the cart but then where would the groceries go?

I thought about what to do for about five minutes and then the light bulb in my head turned on; I could wear Dillan while getting groceries! So then that lead me to the question, which carrier do I take? What is going to be the quickest? So I decided on my Ergo with the infant insert. I'm still learning my other carriers so it’s best to use what I know, even if this is the first time I have ever used the insert and really the first time I have ever used it facing forward. I watched a quick video before leaving the house on how to use in insert and away we went.

Everything ran just smooth! We were gone from 11 in the morning until 6pm. I brought home some supper. While ordering that supper Dillan decided that it was time to eat so stuck in the drive thru line up with him screaming in the back, we get our food, I pull into the parking lot, crawl into the back of the van and sit and nurse him. When we bought our van my brother in law asked if we were only going to have two kids why would I want a van and  not an SUV, well there was one good reason I hadn't thought of among the other reasons I wanted a van, where would I sit and nurse in an SUV?!

There is definitely a learning curve as a mother of two young children! Thank goodness for all of these gadgets that help us moms out along the way!

Post written December 21 2010 moved from previous blog

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