Monday, May 2, 2011

Cloth Diapering: KaWaii Diaper Review

I was so excited to find affordable cloth diapers. When  you are only going to be cloth diapering one child it seems ridiculous to spend $20+ for ONE diaper. I purchased my cloth diapers on Ebay, through the folks at I have since found other retailers for KaWaii diapers and while I have 36 already, I find myself addicted and wanting more! There are so many different kinds of diapers!

I have to say I am very happy with the KaWaii cloth diapers and I really wish I'd have known about them sooner. For the first two weeks of Dillan's life we were using disposable diapers, soon enough those started to leak and I was left with over 30 diapers that I couldn't even use. Previously this would have caused me to go out to the store to buy the next size up, instead I pulled out the cloth diaper that just looked so huge next to him and put it on him. Putting the diaper on him vs. putting the diaper next to him was a huge difference.  Dillan has been in diapers a week and we have not had a single leak. I was originally worried that there would be some leaking out the legs since his legs aren't too chubby yet but we have had no issues.

The ones I purchased are with a aplix closure. So far this has not caused any issues, but I do worry a bit about how the velcro will wear over time. It would be interesting to compare this to a snap closure so I might get a couple of them.

Before using the cloth diapers I had done a lot of reading and asking questions to find out which laundry detergent to use. I have been so worried about staining and keeping the diapers looking new and maintaining their absorbancy. So I went out and bought Country Save. I have to say I was not a fan. Now maybe it was the cycle I used, because I have since tried a different cycle, but the diapers came out yellow still and even the diaper cream was not off of them. I had done my reading as far as diaper creams go too. I decided to try the Method Baby soap that I use on their clothes and I was very impressed.  Method soaps are all plant based so I wasn't worried about it containing anything that should cause issues for the diapers. Nearly out of it though so I went to London Drugs to get more, and Method has changed their baby soap from a Rice Milk and Mallow scent to a Sweat Pea scent. I decided to get the method Free and Clear and see how that goes. My laundry room is full of so many different detergents right now, it would be nice to get it down to just one or two kinds!

Today I found out that I won a Charlie Banana diaper in a contest :) I should hopefully get it in the next couple of weeks. It is also a one-size pocket diaper but it has cute construction print! Currently all of the diapers we have are solid colours. I'd love to get him a few that are cute little prints. After all, that's part of the fun of using cloth! I'll be sure to post a review of what I think of those too!

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