Friday, April 29, 2011

Community Feeling

This past year a group of moms and dads in our community decided that it would be a good idea to start up a community group to help fund a new park. Little did they know that group would end up doing more than just helping fund a park! When the message was sent out that this group was going to be starting I really wanted to join but I wasn't sure at the time if we were going to be moving or not. Now that I know we aren't moving I've joined them as an MAL (member at large.)

I have to say, this is some of the most fun I have had in a long time! We have lived in our house for two years and there are so many people even on my own street that I don't know. After running a meat fundraiser and a family day in the park, and discussing with the town it was decided that a new park would be built. Our community group managed to donate $5000 towards the park and the town paid the rest (another $20,000!)

This past Thursday while many of our significant others were at work a group of moms helped to put up the play structure. I volunteered my house as daycare for the day. With the help of another mom we watched up to 12 kids. We were quite surprised with how well all of the kids played together! The new playground is right behind my house so the kids also enjoyed watching the park come together.

This week we are going to be having a Halloween Family Dance. It feels really good to be able to help out with these events for our community. Within having our family dance we are also going to be fundraising money not just for municipal projects but also for a young baby who needs to go to Toronto for eye surgery. Unfortunately this family slips through the cracks for financial assistance from other groups. This isn't something that we initially intended to help out with, especially being such a new group, but it definitely feels good!

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