Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes, you have read the title correctly, I have been given those wonderful two pink lines across a pregnancy test once again. This happend just over a week ago, and I have to say I am now excited. I've made it furthar this time than last time, and also made it past a week since finding out.

Sunday March 28th, in the evening I decided to once again POS. Was I beginning to drive myself a little bit mad with testing? You bet. But when its been over thirty days and you have yet to see any sign of AF you've every right to go a little bit crazy. I had no idea what was going on? Was my body just taking extra time to re-regulate after the miscarriage? Was I pregnant (Please, oh, please!)  After about a minute I notice a very faint pink line next to a very dark pink line. Even lighter than the last time, which really made me wonder if I was seeing things. I kept my mouth quite to my wonderful husband and went to bed, sure to test in the morning.  Around 6 am the next morning I have to get up and go to the washroom. Very groggily I make sure to test again. Still the line was very faint but it was there. My husbands alarm goes off for him to go to work and I show him the test. He sees two lines too. We try to not get excited though, he goes to work and I call the Drs office the minute that they are open.

Though I was not able to get into my own Dr (when can I without booking a month in advance!) I was able to get in to see another one of the Drs that I happen to like. He sends me for a bloodtest but I wont get the results back until the next day. With the little patience that I have, after the blood test I head over to shoppers to purchase a digital Clear Blue Pregnancy test. Technology has sure come a long way. These tests will not only just say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" across them, they also tell you approximately how long ago you concieved. Once again I POS. I wait two minutes and the test says "pregnant" I wait another minute and it tells me " 1- 2" which would mean weeks since concieveing. Absolutely a wonderful feeling to have that reassurance.

The next day the Dr calls to tell me that yes there is HCG in my blood but that it seems on the low side so they want to send me for another test. Come in tomorrow so that they can get me the paper for that. So I go in to the Drs office after work and the receptionist gives me a bit of an attitude and tells me that she can get me in the next morning. I explain to her that I am only there for a repeat blood test and that I am not coming back the next day for some stupid paper. Finally she just reprints the previous paper (like that was hard!)

Thursday rolls around and I have not heard anything by the time I get home from work. So I call the Drs office. The receptionist on the phone tells me that my results are in but that they have not been reviewed and that the Dr is gone for the day. This means that I have to wait until MONDAY to hear what I want to hear because the office is closed all weekend for Easter. I hate waiting for answers. Really, I blame it on the instant society that we live in, but when you want to hear that the fetus growing inside of you is doing well patience is not on the vocabulary list.

Monday rolls around and I get the wonderful words that I want to hear around noon. Thank God it didn't take all day! Excitement sets in. Yes, I am still worried that something could happen. To be honest though, I think every mother is worried while pregnant that something could happen to the life inside of her.

Ella is really funny. We asked her if she wanted a baby brother or sister and she replies, "Sure!" Then we ask do you know what that means? And her response is "Yes," with a look like 'umm, yeah!' Does she know what it means? I really don't think she does yet, especially since her response to most questions is yes. :)

Come November to December 2010, I will be the mother of two beautiful little children.... I can hardly wait!

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