Friday, April 29, 2011

A Busy Week For Baby!

Well last week Ella decided to hit multiple different milestones!!

-She can now say "Dad"

-She is not quite crawling but can certainly make her way around. Not too fast but fast enough that my eyes need to be on her and we are trying to make sure that our home is baby proofed!

-She has been doing this cute "dancing" thing whenever I play music. She can't stand up on her own two feet yet so she does it while she is on her tummy. She will do a mini push-up and rock from side to side. I don't think I have ever seen anything cuter!

-When you say "Yay!" She will throw her arms up in the air all excited.

-She can wave "hello" and "bye" This was really cute! I was feeding her some breakfast and sometimes she will look off and lose track of what was going on (too much to look at out the window in the kitchen!) so I said "Hi" and waved at her and she started to do it back! Later on that day I got the weekly email from saying that my 8 month old might soon learn to wave. I had to laugh!

She is also starting understand the word no. I had her playing on the floor of our upstairs office. She squirmed her way over to the bookshelf and reached for the books. I had to tell her "No" a couple of times but I think she is starting to get the idea that she is not supposed to play with those. It is so cute how much she is wanting to explore everything around her. I just love to watch her learn new things! She is also getting a second tooth. When that tooth officially pops its way through she will have her two bottom front teeth. Her teeth have been slow moving so I'm actually hoping that they pick up and that she cuts a few more.

Needless to say the video camera had a lot of use this week!

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