Friday, April 29, 2011

The Chore Chart

A couple of weeks ago I thought of the idea to make Ella a chart for chores. Even though she is only two shes been "helping" us do things around the house. She really enjoys helping with the dishes. We hand her things like forks and she puts them in the dishwasher, or she takes out any of the plastic containers and knows where most of them go. If the dishwasher needs to be started she puts the Cascade tablet in and pushes the buttons, and all the while is uber-proud of herself.

I thought, its great that she wants to help us and she should be rewarded in some kind of way for helping. The concept of allowance is not there yet, nor should it be really, she is only two, but the idea that she should help out around the house and help her family is something that I really don't mind her learning at a young age.

On her chart I have the following; dishes helper, help clean her bedroom, help clean her toys, supper helper, feeding the dog, and using the potty. The rules are that when she achieves a total of ten stickers she will get a prize.  I wasn't sure what to do for the prize, do I go and get things from the dollar store, do I give her money like an allowance?

Today she reached her ten stickers and I had to decide what I wanted to do. I had a book that she has never seen that I could give her as a prize or I could go with the traditional allowance route and give her some money. I decided that keeping the book and giving that to her later as a really special prize for using the potty would be best. Matt and I counted all of the stickers with her and told her that she would get two quarters to put in her piggy bank. I don't think I have seen her so excited! She went upstairs with Matt to get her money and then took them and ran down the hallway to her room to put them in her piggy bank.

Funnily enough, all of her stickers are for helping with the dishes and feeding the dog. We'll have to work on the rest of that chore chart!

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