Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bug Out! by Eco Freak Winner

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner for the Eco Freak Bug Out giveaway. The lucky winner is..... #11, Tara, as selected via random.org! congrats to Tara and thank you to all of those who participated. Stay tuned for another giveaway from Eco Freak in the near future.

Tara, please contact me via the Contact tab up on this blog within 48 hours to claim your prize!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cloth Diapers Not Just For Crunchy Mamas

This past Wednesday I really wanted to do another "Wordless Wednesday" post but I really had more to say about the photo than letting the "picture speaks 1000 words" rule fall into place. (And I noticed another blog had done a WW that day and I didn't want to steal her post!)

Maybe you have already seen the photo that I am talking about, it has been circulating around Facebook and various other sites, and if you haven't seen this photo you really need to!

This is 5000 disposable diapers, which is on average what it takes to diaper ONE baby for two and a half years. This is what people throw into landfills all over North America (if not a good portion of the world) every day. I am guilty of this myself. We used disposable diapers for our oldest child the entire time she was in diapers. I am sure many of you feel the same way that I do about this photo, shocked and upset.

Cloth diapering is NOT just for the "crunchy" bunch of us, it should really be for anyone who even has the slightest bit of care for the planet that they live on. These diapers are going to take thousands of years to biodegrade and its only going to destroy the planet in the process.

I don't know where this photo came from. I have no idea who took it but I am sure glad that they have put it out there for everyone to see, because people NEED to see the daily impact that they are making.

How does this photo make you feel?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bug Out! by Eco Freak - Review {Giveaway!}

The season of the West Nile Mosquito has arrived. Thankfully none of them have been found where I live yet, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been attacked by the nasty little buggers! Even with an abundance of dragon flies swarming my house the mosquitoes still seem to find their way to me, and to my kids.

I have never been a fan of bug spray. It stinks and if you have ever accidentally gotten some in your mouth, well it doesn't taste good at all. Having two small kids I don't want to load them up with chemicals either. When the summer started I was discussing this situation with my dear friend and owner, creator of Eco Freak. Being that she was in the same boat (our not-so-little baby boys are 8 days apart) she decided to do something about it and add a bug spray to her company. It was then that Bug Out was born.

 As soon as the Bug Out was finished I ordered some. Eco Freak sent me the product (along with a few others that I wanted to try!) right away. I opened the box to find the best smelling package I have EVER opened. As I took each item out of the box trying to figure out which one it was the smelt so good, I discovered that it was the bug spray! Finally!! A good smelling bug spray! My husband had a differing opinion on the scent of the bug spray, but this is coming from the guy that uses Muskol and thinks that the disgusting smell of that is fine.

I applied the spray to the kids and myself, and my husband applied the "trust worthy" Muskol and we set off for a walk. I still made sure to keep my eye on the baby. I didn't want to spray the Bug Out on his hands (just as the instructions on the bottle say) and I also didn't put any on his face.

Guess who came home with the bug bites? Yep, the man who applied the "trusty"- deet filled Muskol spray. We'll stick to the natural version thanks!

Because I think that this is something that everyone should try, I am going to give one lucky winner that chance!

Mandatory Entry: Head on over to Eco Freak on Facebook (her website will soon be up and running!) and find the album of available products, come back here and let me know another Eco Freak product that you would like to try.

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Want to hear more about products from Eco Freak? Stay tuned for another review of some more great products including another giveaway!!