Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Months and Counting!

The last two months have been busy busy!! Ella's first Christmas went very well. Boy is she spoiled! Thought that is what happens when  you have three sets of grandparents and you are the only grandchild! Other than Christmas she has had a lot of recent other firsts. She finally can roll from her back to her tummy. This was a big thing for her because she hates to spend time on her tummy, though now that she gets there on her own she is happy about it. Until she decides she wants a toy out of her reach. She has yet to master crawling forward and this frustrates her! She has figured out how to move backward but doesn't quite understand why she is moving further from her toys. Another Ella first, on Wednesday she said MOM. That really made my day!

Post written Jan 30 2009 moved from previous blog

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