Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of Room!

As uncomfortable as I am, I feel so bad for this little, but growing, baby in my belly! I can't imagine its very comfortable in there anymore! How could it be when your head is lodged in someone's pelvis and you can't stretch your legs without your feet getting stuck in some ribs!

Tomorrow is the baby's due date. I have a Drs appointment in the morning and Matt thinks I should request an induction. I think I should wait. I understand his point of view, he is worried that the baby is only going to get bigger and bigger and that I will have a difficult time pushing the baby out like I did with Ella.  That being said, I think we should wait at least a week past due. A due date isn't an expiry date! While I really would love to have this baby, I want the baby to be ready too!

I really am getting tired of all the questions though! "What still no baby?!" "You haven't had the baby yet?!" And then when I say no I get in response "Oh that sucks!" or "Well, it will come when its ready!"  That last one I really hate when someone who has never had a baby says that lol! (Even though I can say it to myself no issues!) Its all a waiting game :)

Post written December 6 2010 moved from previous blog

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