Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Winner!!!

Wow!! My most entered giveaway yet!!! Thank you to all of the participants and to Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop for the giveaway!

The winner is............ Leah!!!

Leah please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize. After 48hrs a new winner will be selected. 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Enough said! 

This cartoon always has me nodding my head along with it.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlie Banana Mama Cloth Review

** Disclaimer** If talking about your monthly friend makes you in the least bit squeamish stop right now and do not read ahead. No I am not going to get into a whole lot of detail here, but this will be nothing but honest. Thanks!  

When I began my research for cloth diapers I came across the idea of cloth pads, also known as "mama cloth." At first I thought the same thing as I once had about using cloth diapers... Eww. Low and behold I found out that I loved to cloth diaper and thought that giving cloth pads a shot would go over well too.

For the time being I set the idea aside having no idea when that unwanted month visitor would return. After all, some women are lucky enough to go over a year without good ol' Aunt Flo returning while they are nursing. I on the other hand, was not so lucky. When the uninvited visitor decided to show up I was just outraged! My little baby was 100% breast fed and only five months old. Somehow I felt that this was my body's way of shoving in my face that we weren't going to have anymore kids and saying, "Here  you go! Get busy!" Setting all of those raging hormones aside I decided to revisit the whole "mama cloth" idea.

Visiting my favourite cloth diaper site, Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop, I found the Charlie Banana cloth pads. Without much more thought I decided that I would give these a try. I had looked up the prices and they were the most cost effective, varying in price from $15.99 to $18.99 for a box of three. Most other companies that I had visited were that price for one cloth pad.

My Stash!
Deciding how many to buy was not an easy feat. Being that I hadn't really had this "problem" in quite a while I had no idea how long it would last or how heavy it would be. I decided to start off with one box of liners (3 liners), two boxes of regular pads (6 pads), and one box of super pads (3 pads.)

Wet bag and Purse-Sized Wet Bag
Within a day or two I ordered another box of the regular, and another box of the super, as well as a Charlie Banana wet bag for storing the used pads in.

Charlie Banana cloth pads are made just the same as their cloth diapers, a PUL outer layer (bottom) and a microfleece inside (top.) They are an all-in-one pad, so no stuffing is needed. The snap on the wings of the pad allows you to attach them to your underwear or snap them shut for easy storage and portability. Each box comes with a purse-sized wet bag for when you are on the go.

I have found them to be very absorbent, durable and comfortable. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would describe a pad as comfortable! The best part about them is that they don't smell and are really easy to clean. Give them a rinse in the sink, then throw them into your wet bag/pail until you are ready for wash time. Any detergent that you would use on your cloth diapers will work for the cloth pads. The biggest surprise with these pads is that they will not stain. Even the pads that I was not able to rinse right away have not stained. The cloth pads can be washed with your undergarments or even with your cloth diapers.

Here are some images of the varying sizes: 
Panty Liner
Regular Absorbancy

Super Absorbancy
All wrapped up and ready to go!

 I think these are well worth their money. I love that I wont have to run out to the store because I am almost out of feminine products, or that I wont have to watch for pads/tampons to go on sale and collect coupons for them. And I also love that once again I am doing what I can to help the planet!

Have you tried any "mama cloth?" Let me know what would make you want to try these or not!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper Review {Giveaway!!}

If you have never heard of Sweet Pea Diapers you should! Sweet Pea Diapers carries a variety of cloth diapers and accessories, including the Sweet Peat Pocket Diaper, which I believe is a new class of cloth diaper all in its own.

The Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper design is common, while unique at the same time. Like many other cloth diapers it is made up of a PUL outer layer, a micro fleece liner, and a micro fiber insert. While this may sound identical to other one size pocket diapers there are some unique twists to the diaper that make it superior. The first major difference is the front AND back pocket.

This allows you to remove the insert or stuff the diaper with easy access to either side. The great thing about the insert though is that you don't have to remove it. Just throw the diaper into the wash and the insert(s) will come out on it's own. The diaper comes with two inserts, one new born insert and a larger size adjustable insert. That's right, I said size adjustable! Just like the shell of the diaper uses snaps to change the size of the diaper, the insert does as well.

The PUL and the micro fleece are made very well. This diaper is high quality and for a great price ($16.95 CND at Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop.) This one size diaper also includes cross snaps to ensure that it will fit your baby from about 8 to 35lbs. Sweet Pea Pocket Diapers also stand behind their product for longer than most other companies that I have seen. The elastics, sewing and any manufacturer dysfunction come with a six month warranty, while the snaps come with a one year warranty.

The absorbancy of this diaper is amazing! I have never had a single leak. To really test out the diaper I put just the infant insert into the pocket. (Please keep in mind that my little one is just about seven months old.) He lasted a couple of hours in the diaper with just the infant insert before it was time for him to go for a bath. I am sure he could have gone longer, the trim insert just held up that well! This diaper is perfect for night time. The infant insert can be added to the front or back easily for extra nighttime protection.

While there are many places to find this diaper, my favourite online shop to find Sweet Pea products is Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop. The store owner really believes in what she sells and that helping her customers is always most important. The shop has a great, and ever growing variety of cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories and other child-mom friendly products. She ensures that she tests out each and every product and will always give an honest review of how she feels about the products.

Sweet Lil Dimples would like to give another set of lucky parents the opportunity to try out a Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper! Here are the contest rules:

Mandatory Entry: Go to Sweet Lil Dimples Baby Shop and tell me of another item from them that you would like to try.

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Please leave one comment per entry. (Just one comment for the last entry) Winner will be selected Friday July 22, 2011 at 7pm CST via Winner will have 48 hours to contact me regarding their winning or a new winner will be selected.

Good luck to everyone!!