Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Work Blues

Well I only have a few days left at home with my little lovekin :( It is hard to believe that a year has gone by so fast! For months I have been searching for a new job and going in to Staples to try and ask questions about how things are now operating. A lot of things can change in a year, which by the sound of it has happened. For the longest time no one would say anything, which is really frustrating. On Tuesday I went in to talk to them and try and get some answers. The boss tells me that I am now going to have to work at least two evenings a week, and that my salary paid position is now hourly paid. I told them that there is no way that I can work in the evening. Ella needs to be picked up from daycare by 5:30, Matt works until 5:30 or 6, sometimes later than that, so I have to be the one to go and get her. Starting work later in the day would also mess with things. Would I wake Ella up for the same time and take her to daycare and then not see her all day, she would be in bed before I got home. I will be paying $550 a month regardless of if she is there half a day or not. It doesn't sound like I would have any say in which evenings I would be working either and they have never been great about getting the schedule done in a good enough amount of time. When I told them that this would not work they didn't seem too impressed. Why would I think that my shifts would have been changed around? Before I left I was working Monday to Friday days.  The boss says " Well the world changed while you were gone." Excuse me? Its not as if I have been on a deserted island for the past 11 months I know what is going on in "the world." Don't make me sound like some idiot who has no idea what is going on. Then he said "don't worry about this now, just finish your week off with your daughter and we will see you on Monday." How can he not expect me to worry about it?! Now I need to figure out either how to make this work or what to do.

I was so mad! I drove my parents office not that far away just to vent. They really were not happy that they would have done that to me, especially that it is only a few days before I go back to work. My dad hopped on the computer and started searching. He found a full time Monday to Friday days job at Subway. So I took the lady my resume and she said that she would phone me by Friday.  I am not really looking to make a career out of where I am working at the moment.  My Mary Kay business is starting to pick up and that is great! I am hoping that it wont take long and I can just be focused on that since that is what I want in a career. The flexibility of hours, the pay, and all of the extra perks that the company throws your way. And best of all, making other women feel good about themselves!  Now I am anxiously waiting for a call from this lady at Subway to see if I have the job. It seemed like I would have it.

I really want to stay home with Ella :( She has been extra fun this week and I know now that summer is finally starting to appear it would only have gotten better.


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