Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hunt For Daycare Part II

The hunt for daycare is still in progress. Before having Ella I had been wanting to go to school and get my ECE (early childhood education) the lack of daycare in this town is really just more motivation do so. Matt and I were discussing it and I told him that it has nothing to do with Ella and being home with her. I'd love to just open my own daycare so that other parents can have somewhere for their children to go.  Though this is not something that will work right now, but I am hoping to do it after baby number two. So that means that I have to find someone.

As of now we have met with 4 providers and I have called a number of others who do not have openings. Of the list of 27 providers on the list that the town gave to me I have called at least half of that list. Well the plan is to call the other half of this list and the first lady that we met with and set up a second meeting, during the day while she has some kids there with her.  The one provider that I thought sounded great, there would be no way that I would leave Ella there after meeting with her. Ella did not like this woman. I have never seen her act like that with anyone before. She didn't even like her kids and Ella loves other kids. Hopefully we will be able to figure something out soon, and maybe the first lady that we met with will be better on a second meeting.

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