Friday, April 29, 2011

Vocabulary Blunder!

Every kid winds up with one of these " vocabulary blunders." A word that although they believe they are saying it and are so excited to be saying it, the word comes out to us as something else altogether.

Last week Ella is in the bathtub and she has one of those little bath books that she is looking at. As she is looking (through the book) I point at the pictures to tell her what each picture is of. I point at the duck and say "duckie." She already knows this one but looks at it and repeats, "duckie." Next I point at the frog and say "Froggie," to which she replies, "f*ckie." Naturally both Matt and I both laugh at this, though supressing our laughter because little does Ella know she is saying a bad word. A week later and frog or froggie is still not correctly being pronounced but she will get it in time. Until then we'll just have to explain to people what she REALLY means! And of course, continue to secretly laugh about this!

Post written March 16th 2010 moved from previous blog

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