Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Facebook Giveaways!

When I first joined Facebook (later than most I might add) it was mostly to share with my friends and find old friends that I hadn't seen or heard from in a really long time. I remember being so excited to find people that I knew from grade school and see what they were up to. Most of which was really exciting, and a couple of more upsetting things (that an old friend had passed away at much too young of an age.)

Then I got married and had kids and you would think that that would be cause for less time on Facebook but I find myself sitting there nursing at the key board (nak as us online moms like to call it) engrossed in this world of Facebook pages. I am still paying attention to what friends of mine are up to and how cute their kids look in the posted photos and videos but mostly I am wrapped up in all of these online companies and blogs and all of their online giveaways!

For the longest time I would have called myself "unlucky" when it came to entering something and actually winning. And then came CPO and it seems that my luck of winning had taken a turn for the better. CPO was the first place that I really won anything. This site has won me numerous books, a kitchen scale, a Crayola prize pack, clothing, and I am sure there are even other things that I am missing right now, but it seems that that would not be where my luck would end.

Before I knew it I was entering giveaway after giveaway on Facebook. Am I winning things? I sure am! Diapers, hair clips, leggings but as in most things there is a catch. Entering most of these giveaways is really quite simple, like the person's fan page, enter a comment on the photo and check back to see if you've won.

In the last week I have entered so many giveaways and "liked" so many different fan pages that now my whole news feed is loaded up of their status updates that I can hardly see what my friends are doing! I feel like the people on <em>Extreme Couponing </em> only its extreme giveaways. I'm not the only one on my friends list to see positive results from entering giveaways either. So if you have posted something on Facebook and I don't happen to comment on it, please, do not think that I am ignoring you, its more likely that my news feed has now been over run by all of these companies with oh-so-cute baby and children's items!

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Post written April 19 2011 moved from previous blog

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