Monday, May 9, 2011

The Power of Sunshine

Sunshine just seems to be a reoccurring theme around me lately. So I'd like to talk about some of the uses for the sun.

1. Vitamin D:  Isn't it just better when you don't have to take a pill to get this?! That you can just step out your door into the light and warmth of the sun and feel refreshed? I just LOVE this feeling! Personally, I'm not a fan of winter, especially a Saskatchewan winter, but spring and summer, count me in! I can't think of a better way to brighten my mood!

2. Musical lyrics: Ever heard of You Are My Sunshine? How about Pocket Full of Sunshine?  These two songs are magic to both of my children's ears. If either of them are crying or fussy I know that I can start singing You Are My Sunshine to them and they almost instantly calm down. And on more than one occasion Dillan has been freaking out in the backseat of the car and you throw on Pocket Full of Sunshine and he stops and goes right to sleep. (Thanks to the hubby for figuring that one out!)

3. Photos: Sunshine just makes photos look great! If you're not sure what I am talking about have a look at photos by the amazing Tracey Tomtene. Now there is an artist of a photographer if I ever saw one! (And I'm not just saying that because she's family!)

4. Cloth Diapers: If you haven't cloth diapered long, or maybe never have, the sun is a cloth diaper's best friend. Wash and hang out in the sun and out come the stains. Because I had been diapering Dillan all winter I wasn't really able to do this yet and WOW am I ever impressed! I put out the yellowest of yellow diaper inserts and diapers and voila! Back to white... I mean white like I had just taken them out of the package!

5. Mother Nature: That's right if you didn't know it the big yellow thing in the sky is what keeps this whole world moving around. If you're having one of those days just stop and remind yourself that the world revolves around that and not what's bothering you and all of those little things that seem like such a big deal right now. (Not to minimize anyone's problems but sometimes the reminder is nice and humbling!)

What uses can you think of for the sun? Leave a comment and let us know!

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