Monday, May 2, 2011

Common Courtesy No Longer Common

Over the past month or so I have been faced with countless times where someone has said that they would be here at a certain time and to have them show up late or just not show up at all. This isn't just people who said that they were coming by at said time to pick up whatever item I have for sale on kijiji, its also interviews and people that I know personally. Saying "okay, I will call you back." Means just that, call back.

 I understand that people have lives and families that they are busy with, I am too. I also understand that sometimes people just plain old forget, I am guilty of that too. You just really have to wonder, are people SO busy that they can't pick up a phone and make a phone call to let you know that they will be late or wont make it?

As a friend recently put it when we were discussing this topic "Why are people so sketchy?" I really have to wonder this. In today's world where there are SO many ways to communicate with someone (Facebook, email, web chat, phone and cell phone) why is it so difficult to let someone know that you wont make it? You can't tell me that its because you weren't near a phone, not when everyone and their dog has a cell phone. ( Except for my husband and I, we actually don't have them, but that's a whole other rant.)

It doesn't just end with not calling either. How about holding the door open for someone? Letting people off the elevator before you rush into it? Letting the people who actually need to use services like an elevator use them. I am sure I could go on and on. Are people today just really that involved with how busy their own lives are that they can't stop and take the time to show someone else a nice gesture? I really hope not.

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