Friday, April 19, 2013

Too Many Excuses!

I recall being at home with my oldest while on mat leave, and then later on while I was pregnant with our second and thinking that things were so busy. The house not always in the cleanest state because "I just didn't have the time" or "the baby needed x amount of attention." Once our second was born that only increased as now I had two children to look after "How could I ever have the time to get everything done?!"

Running a daycare and having eight kids here pretty well every day for sure tells you a thing or two about time management! My little loves are sick today so I closed and even with making sure to take time out to give them all of their much needed snuggles I have been able to accomplish so much! It really makes me wonder what I was wasting my time on when it was just two kids here every day.

I love my job but it sure makes me appreciate these days at home!

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