Monday, October 24, 2011

My Journey With Baby-Led Weaning

Maybe you have heard of the term baby-led weaning and maybe you haven't. Baby-led weaning, or what our grandmothers would have called "feeding the baby" is simply allowing your baby to try the day to day foods that the rest of the family is enjoying.

When I began solids with Ella I went to the store and bought all kinds of baby foods and cereals and she ate them happily, for quite a long time too. I wasn't too adventurous about making my own foods but I did try to find foods for her that were organic. My kitchen became full of baby food jars that I wound up finding someone to take off of my hands. When it came time to start solids with Dillan I followed the same plan, only he had a different idea of what solids should be. He refused to eat anything purred, he wanted the real deal. I have noticed with him that even from early on he has wanted whatever his big sister has. So I began to feed him whatever we were eating. I had another friend that was doing baby-led weaning with her baby who is also Dillan's age and it seemed to be working quite well for them.

Needless to say Dillan thrived from this and has been eating anything and everything ever since. I really don't mind that I didn't have to go through the whole pureed stage but it does make him seem older and like he is growing up quicker than I would like.

Have you tried Baby-led weaning? How did it work for you? Do  you plan to try this?

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